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Competition results

blogEntryThumbnailI’ve now picked my winners from the three site competition:

Happy New Year to everyone! I have now read through all your entries across my websites and have picked my winners for the surprise book prize.

For Joss Stirling, two winners: Steph who had the disturbing desire to spend it with the Seer from Stealing Phoenix, which was a lot different from those who wanted to visit the Benedicts! And Alana, who picked Joe Masters. She writes: Out of all your characters, I would like to spend Christmas with Joe Masters from Storm and Stone. The reason for this being, is that I know I would definitely have a great time and a good laugh with him, because of his jokey personality, how he makes light of everything, and because he has a flirty side too! I know he would also make sure we have a wonderful Christmas, as he is thoughtful, helpful (in his own way, when he's not messing around ;) ) and he looks out for the people he cares about. This means I would definitely have a funny and romantic Christmas!!!

For Julia Golding, two winners: Kaito who likes my character Connie from The Companions Quartet. She writes: because she can understand what my cat (Ginger) is thinking. Secondly I want to know if there are any Mythical Creatures in my back yard, I would like to meet it and become its companion. That's why would like to spend Christmas with Connie. And Zoe, who picked Safilen from Dragonfly. She writes: The character with whom I'd most like to spend Christmas Day is Safilen from Dragonfly. Dragonfly has long been my favourite book of all the ones you've written. Despite it being set in an alternate universe, it's the book and protagonist with which I can most connect to. Tashi is definitely my favourite character, but I'd like to spend Christmas Day with Safilen. This is because she's a maternal figure, and I think I could greatly benefit from the wisdom she holds. Due to her being such a nurturing person, I image that we would have a deep meaningful conversation, but be able to enjoy the rest of Christmas day together in a familial atmosphere.

For Eve Edwards: Aurelie who has picked Sebastian from my WW1 story, Dusk. She writes: If I had to spend Christmas with a character, it would be with Sebastian. I liked his side respectful and passionate. Thoughtful, he is very mature for his age. Like a big sister (or a friend), I would like to change it ideas during the holidays. Discuss Art with him (a passion that I share with my twin sister - herself an historian of art). Somehow be the sister he never had and of course, I'd give him some advices with Helen ... We talk about everything except the war. An ideal companion to laugh and talk.